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Ok, let's go to work!
Who the fuck are you?!

The workaholic!
The workaholic!

The workaholic he works every day,
24 hours, no time to play.
He won't quit; he's addicted to work,
I think he's going out like a jerk.
Working, working, what can you do?
See the light from a different point of view!
Ready in the morning for the bell to chime,
I think he's glad it's working time!

The workaholic!

Work your body, baby work your soul!
Keep on workin' workin' to the bone!
Work your body, baby, work your soul.
I'm a workaholic when I'm on the floor!

The workaholic!

First like a jerk, why you always work?
Messing up your mind with that paperwork?
The only think you need is to break ball
is work, and yo, and that's all.
They do it for money, but he for fun,
he won't get away until the job is done.
Drinkin' drinkin' like an alchoholic..
the guy is just a Workaholic!

The workaholic!
The workaholic!
The workaholic!
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